# IR gateway

# Compatible parts

Module Purpose Where to Buy
IR diode Emitting compatible parts list (opens new window)
IR receiver Receiving compatible parts list (opens new window)
transistor 2N2222 Amplify uC signal for the IR diode -
330 ohms resistor - compatible parts list (opens new window)
220 ohms resistor limit current to LED compatible parts list (opens new window)

The IR setup can work with bc547 and a 4x3 LED-Matrix.

# Pinout

Board Receiver Pin Emitter Pin
Arduino UNO D2 D9
ESP8266 D4 D0
ESP32 27/26 14

Connect the Emitter and Receiver to a 5V supply source, and the ground of your supply source to the ground of your board.

# Arduino Hardware setup


# ESP8266 Hardware setup


# ESP32 Hardware setup


# Credits

This gateway exists thanks to the work done on IRRemote (opens new window) and IRremoteESP8266 (opens new window) libraries. Thanks for the works of contributors and especially @crankyoldgit (opens new window) for its active contributions.

Last Updated: 9/21/2023, 12:02:22 AM