# RF gateway (433mhz/315mhz)

# Compatible parts

Module Purpose Where to Buy
SRX882 (recommended) 433Mhz Receiver compatible parts list (opens new window)
STX882 (recommended) 433Mhz Transmitter compatible parts list (opens new window)
XD RF 5V 433Mhz Receiver compatible parts list (opens new window)
FS1000A 433Mhz Transmitter compatible parts list (opens new window)
CC1101 433Mhz Transceiver compatible parts list (opens new window)

# Pinout

Board Receiver Pin Emitter Pin
Arduino UNO D3 D4
ESP8266 D2/D3/D1/D8 RX/D2
ESP32 27/26 12
RF BRIDGE DIRECT HACK (opens new window) 4 5

Connect the Emitter and Receiver to a 5V or 3.3V supply source, check datasheet of your modules to confirm (3.3V for CC1101), and the ground of your supply source to the ground of your board.

# CC1101 Pinout

Board Receiver Pin(GDO2) Emitter Pin(GDO0) SCK VCC MOSI MISO CSN GND
ESP8266 D2/D3/D1/D8 RX/D2 D5 3V3 D7 D6 D8 GND
ESP32 D27 D12 D18 3V3 D23 D19 D5 GND

To use the CC1101 module, ZradioCC1101 must be uncomment in the User_config.h or added to the build_flags. More information about the CC1101 wiring (opens new window). ( Please note that with OMG we are recommending CC1101 GDO2 to be connected to ESP32 D27 and GDO0 to be connected to D12, this is different than the LSatan diagram. This is due to the ESP32 using D2 as part of the boot process. )

# Arduino Hardware setup


# ESP8266 Hardware setup

If the gateway works only when serial monitor is connected don't use D3 use D2 instead (gpio 4) and modify config_RF.h accordingly.

With SRX882 some users reported that D3 is not working use D1 instead in this case and modify config_RF.h accordingly.


# ESP32 Hardware setup


# Heltec SX127X 433Mhz boards

Those boards don't require any hardware modifications.

# SONOFF RF Bridge Hardware setup

Per default there is no need on modifying the RF Bridge hardware, unless you don't want to use the provided RF controller (EFM8BB1). Indeed if you want to extend the protocols supported by the bridge you can bypass this controller (opens new window) and use the ESP8255 capacities to decode RF Signal. The RF processing can be achieved after the modification by either RF, RF2 or Pilight gateways.

# SONOFF RFR3 Hardware setup

Connect GPIO4 of the ESP8255 to the pin D0 of SYN470 (opens new window)

# WIFI RF GATEWAY Hardware setup

This board doesn't require any hardware modifications.

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