# IR gateway

# Compatible parts

Module Purpose Where to Buy
IR diode Emitting compatible parts list
IR receiver Receiving compatible parts list
transistor 2N2222 Amplify uC signal for the IR diode -
330 ohms resistor - compatible parts list
220 ohms resistor limit current to LED compatible parts list

The IR setup can work with bc547 and a 4x3 LED-Matrix.

# Pinout

Board Receiver Pin Emitter Pin
Arduino UNO D2 D9
ESP8266 D4 D0
ESP32 27/26 14

Connect the Emitter and Receiver to a 5V supply source, and the ground of your supply source to the ground of your board.

# Arduino Hardware setup


# ESP8266 Hardware setup


# ESP32 Hardware setup


# Credits

This gateway exists thanks to the work done on IRRemote and IRremoteESP8266 libraries. Thanks for the works of contributors and especialy @crankyoldgit for its active contributions.