# BLE gateway

# Compatible parts

The ESP32 has an integrated BLE module, with this board the BLE gateway don't need any additional hardware. Making it the advised board for BLE.

You can use a barebone ESP32 or some nice looking products like the ones below (from M5Stack):

For Arduino and ESP8266 you can use an HM10 or HM11 below.

Module Purpose Where to Buy
HM 10 Keyes bluetooth module Bluetooth compatible parts list (opens new window)

# Pinout

Module Pin Board RX Pin Board TX Pin
Arduino D6 to HM10 RX D5 to HM10 TX
ESP8266 D6 to HM10 RX D7 to HM10 TX

Vcc pin of the board and the HM10 Module to a 5V supply source. Ground pins of the board and the HM10 Module to the ground of the supply source.

# Debugging the HM10

So as to communicate directly with the HM10 you may use this program (opens new window) from Martin Currey, you can upload it to your ESP board and it will enable without an FTDI to write and read commands directly to the HM10 through the ESP. You may use the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor to read and send the commands. The baud rate of the HM10/11 module must be set to 9600 bauds , the command AT+BAUD? enables to know at which speed the module is set. So as to set it to 9600 that you may use AT+BAUD0 command.

The HM10/11 firmware version must be >= V709 the command AT+VERS? enables to know the firmware version.

# Arduino Hardware setup

BLE Arduino

# ESP8266 Hardware setup


The implementation with the HM10 module would not have been possible without the work of Martin Currey (opens new window), thanks!

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