# Devices

You can take a look to the OpenMQTTGateway compatible website (opens new window) to have a view of the supported devices (opens new window).

Added to that is an overview of devices supported by OpenMQTTGateway:

# For radio frequency devices

OpenMQTTGateway can support a wide range of 433mhz/315mhz devices, all the ones with SC5262 / SC5272, HX2262 / HX2272, PT2262 / PT2272, EV1527, RT1527, FP1527, HS1527 chipsets are supported by the RF gateway. Added to that RF2 support Kaku and Pilight an huge list (opens new window). Note that for the moment RF, RF2 and Pilight can not be activated on the same boards together.

boards boards boards

# For BLE devices

OpenMQTTGateway is able to scan all the BLE devices that advertise their data so as to do presence detection. Added to that it retrieves the measures from the devices below. By default the data are read from the advertisements (no impact on device battery life). When a (c) is present after the model name, this means that the gateway connects to it so as to retrieve data. For some devices we may connect only to retrieve one or several parameters (the rest being advertised), in this case the (c) is placed with the parameter.

Devices Model Measurements
BLE watches with fixed mac rssi for presence detection
BLE beacons keychains rssi for presence detection
Vegtrug temperature/moisture/luminance/fertility
XIAOMI Mi Flora HHCCJCY01HHCC temperature/moisture/luminance/fertility/battery(1)(c)
XIAOMI Mi Jia LYWSDCGO temperature/humidity/battery
XIAOMI Mi Jia 2 (1)(c) LYWSD03MMC temperature/humidity/battery/volt
XIAOMI Mi Jia 2 custom firmware (2) LYWSD03MMC ATC temperature/humidity/battery/volt
XIAOMI Mi Jia 2 custom firmware (3) LYWSD03MMC PVVX temperature/humidity/battery/volt
XIAOMI MHO-C401 (1)(c) MHO-C401 temperature/humidity/battery/volt
XIAOMI Mi Lamp MUE4094RT presence
HONEYWELL JQJCY01YM formaldehyde/temperature/humidity/battery
INKBIRD (1) IBS-TH1 temperature/humidity/battery
INKBIRD (1) IBS-TH2 temperature/battery
INKBIRD (1) IBT-4XS temperature1/temperature2/temperature3/temperature4
ClearGrass CGG1 temperature/humidity/battery
Qingping CGDK2 temperature/humidity
Qingping CGH1 open
Qingping CGPR1 presence/luminance
ClearGrass alarm clock CGD1 temperature/humidity
ClearGrass with atmospheric pressure CGP1W temperature/humidity/air pressure
Clock LYWDS02 temperature/humidity
XIAOMI Mi Scale v1 (1) XMTZC04HM weight
XIAOMI Mi Scale v2 (1) XMTZC05HM weight
XIAOMI Mi band (1) steps
iNode Energy Meter (1) power/energy/battery
Thermobeacon WS02 temperature/humidity/volt
ATorch Battery Capacity Monitor (c) DT24 volt/amp/watt
Eddystone TLM protocol temperature/count/volt/time
Ibeacon protocol UUID/MFID/Major/Minor/Power
Mokosmart (1) M1 x_axis/y_axis/z_axis/battery
Mokosmart (1) H4 temperature/humidity/volt
TPMS TPMS temperature/pressure/battery/alarm/count

Exhaustive list here (opens new window)


  • (1) Not supported with HM10.
  • (2) See https://github.com/atc1441/ATC_MiThermometer
  • (3) See https://github.com/pvvx/ATC_MiThermometer


# For infrared IR devices

The list of supported devices for ESP is here (opens new window), and here (opens new window) for Arduino boards, as there is also the possibility of using raw and global caché (ESP) sending possibilities of this gateway is huge!


LORA is more dedicated at this moment for tinkering and DIY and there is no Off the shelves devices compatible to my knowledge with this gateway.

Last Updated: 9/17/2021, 11:04:33 PM