OpenMQTTGateway aims to unify various technologies and protocols into a single firmware. This reduces the need for multiple physical bridges and streamlines diverse technologies under the widely-used MQTT (opens new window) protocol.


# What is an MQTT gateway or bridge ?

MQTT, short for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, is a lightweight messaging protocol ideal for IoT devices.

An MQTT gateway or bridge plays a pivotal role in the MQTT ecosystem:

  • Protocol Translation: It converts non-MQTT protocols (like Zigbee or Bluetooth) into MQTT, enabling broader network communication.
  • Data Aggregation: Combines data from multiple devices into single messages, optimizing network use.
  • Security: Incorporates features like SSL/TLS encryption to safeguard data during transmission.
  • Device Management: Handles tasks like firmware updates and remote configuration changes.

In essence, an MQTT gateway ensures smooth communication between devices and MQTT brokers, enhancing the efficiency and security of IoT systems.

# What OpenMQTTGateway can do ?

OpenMQTTGateway integrates with established technologies, such as 433mhz/315mhz protocols and infrared (IR), allowing you to upgrade and repurpose older devices. Additionally, OMG is compatible with modern technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and LoRa.

To have an overview of the supported PIR, door, water, temperature, smoke sensors, sirens, rings, beacons, switches & weather stations you can take a look to the compatible devices list (opens new window)

You can run OpenMQTTGateway on a wide variety of boards (opens new window), ESP32, ESP8266, Arduino MEGA, UNO (with limitation). BLE to MQTT gateway can also run on Raspberry Pi, Windows or Unix computers thanks to Theengs Gateway (opens new window).

Using MQTT, you can seamlessly integrate with home automation platforms such as OpenHAB, Home Assistant, and others, or with IoT software like Node-Red.

# Use cases

Leveraging OpenMQTTGateway with a controller allows you to:

  • Monitor a garden with a Mi Flora BLE sensor and control an irrigation valve depending on the soil moisture,
  • Trigger a fan depending on the temperature and humidity thanks to a Mi Jia/LYWSD03MMC BLE sensor,
  • Follow your meat temperature when cooking with an Inkbird IBBQ
  • Alert yourself by a controller notification if the temperature of a fridge or freezer is too high,
  • Detect a beacon/smartwatch so as to trigger a special scenario when you come home,
  • Lose weight with the help of a complete log system (opens new window), video from @Andreas Spiess (opens new window)
  • Detect opened door or windows through 433mhz or BLE and alert yourself when leaving
  • Detect water leakage or smoke remotely
  • Actionate a siren if something is going wrong
  • Detect if your far mailbox has been opened by the postman with LoRa
  • Make smart your old TV or AC system through infrared control
  • Monitor vehicle tire pressure

The limit is your imagination 😀

# Functions

Under the hood, OpenMQTTGateway offers features such as:

  • Deduplication
  • Simple and lite API
  • Strong integrations with libraries used
  • Signal forward/repeat
  • Wifi web portal onboarding
  • Web portal configuration
  • Whitelist & Blacklist management
  • Secure connections
  • Over the air updates
  • Local or cloud, your choice

# Products powered by OpenMQTTGateway

# Theengs Bridge, BLE gateway with external antenna

Theengs bridge (opens new window) is a powerfull BLE to MQTT gateway for over 90 sensors (opens new window). Equipped with an Ethernet port, and external antenna, ensuring an enhanced range for your BLE sensors. It supports also WiFi connectivity.

Theengs bridge view (opens new window)

# Theengs Plug, BLE gateway and Smart Plug

Theengs plug (opens new window) brings the following features:

  • BLE to MQTT gateway, tens of Bluetooth devices (opens new window) supported thanks to Theengs Decoder library. The plug uses an ESP32 acting as a BLE to Wifi gateway to scan, decode and forward the data of the nearby sensors,
  • Smart plug that can be controlled remotely,
  • Energy consumption monitoring,
  • Presence detection (beta).

Theengs plug view (opens new window)

Support the project by purchasing the Theengs bridge (opens new window) or the Theengs plug (opens new window)

# Media

# 433Mhz and BLE


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