# Upload with Arduino IDE

  • First download the last version of the Arduino IDE from the arduino website
  • Add ESP32 boards by following this tutorial
  • Add ESP8266 boards by following this tutorial
  • Download OpenMQTTGateway code from the release page
  • Download the libraries package corresponding to your board and module wished into the same page (example esp32-m5stick-c-ble-libraries.zip)
  • Unzip the libraries into your arduino libraries folder (example D:/Users/XXXX/Documents/Arduino/libraries)
  • Open the file main.ino from OpenMQTTGateway/main folder
  • Change the settings and the desired gateways into user_config.h (uncomment the modules you want)

Example for the use of RF gateway

#define ZgatewayRF     "RF"       //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZgatewayIR     "IR"       //ESP8266, Arduino,         Sonoff RF Bridge
//#define ZgatewayLORA   "LORA"       //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZgatewayPilight "Pilight" //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZgatewayBT     "BT"       //ESP8266, ESP32
  • Change the pins or parameters corresponding to the modules choosen, for RF you can change the pins into config_RF.h
  • Choose the board on the Arduino IDE
  • Select the port corresponding to the board
  • Open the serial monitor and set 115200 bauds
  • Upload ➡️
  • You should see the logs into the serial monitor